Friday, January 23, 2009

This Little Piggy

"In the small village of Pomaire, Chile, it is believed that 'chanchitos', little pigs, bring good luck. Three-legged chanchitos are especially fortunate and are traditionally given to friends as a token of goodwill and love."

Isn't he a cutie? My dear pal Aubrey found him and gave him to me and he'll come with me to the Big City.


Kate Murphy said...

Coooool! I've been to that town, Maggie! It's true- those little chanchitos are all about. The whole town is centered around their products made out of "greda," or clay. I wish I'd seen this pre-my trip so I could have picked up another for you. Oh well though- Happy moving!

Douglas Thayer said...

Maggie, I really like your work. I too go nuts over old houses with lots of details. Hope soon to have time to go sketching more of them. And your apartment looks very cozy. I really like the bay window. That must be a real joy to sit and work in that space.